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12 Year Old Entrepreneur Spreads Positivity With His New Business

Socky Wocky sell cool, fun & motivational children’s socks. their colourful socks help kids be the best they can be with funky & unique styles. Positive affirmations to remind kids how great they are! ''Positive socks creating positive children.''

Based here in Milton Keynes, now 12 year old Safin started his business 'Socky Wocky' to help spread positivity with light fun, on a product that we are familiar with every day, SOCKS!

Safin's Mum said, ''Safin is a regular boy, who’s not keen on home work, has a very messy room and if allowed, would eat way too many sweets! Safin came up with the amazing concept to design and manufacture cool children's socks using positive affirmations. Curious, I questioned why the use of affirmations? To which he simply replied, ‘I want to make everyone feel happy’. An hour later we were at the kitchen table designing socks and coming up with more fantastic affirmations.''

Safin was starting to make £600 a month with his idea after just 1 year of spreading his positivity through the power of socks and the awareness grows from strength to strength.

Safin allows his personality to shine through on his website. We've taken a few of our favourite quotes from the young entrepreneur.

''I really do not like brussels sprouts, does anybody? I especially don't like when I’m told I can't have too many sweets. A strange fact - I don't like fizzy drinks. Yuck!''

''My mum is awesome!! (she made me write that). My brother has to be the most annoying person in the world, he never shares any of his stuff, nothing, never!! Boooooooooo!''

''I truly believe that anyone big or small can do anything they want, no matter how big the challenge may seem. If I can start a kid's sock company (Ok, with a little help from mummy), anything is possible.''

The vital part of these products are the positive affirmations that Safin chooses to go onto his products.

''I am the best version of me.''

''Perfect just the way I am''

''I can do anything I can put my mind too.''

We wish Safin all of the best with his venture. Spreading positivity in these tough times is good enough but if he can learn from the process and grow his mini empire at the same time, then he has our full support!

Safin has even landed himself a little feature on Steph's Packed Lunch on all 4. See video below.


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