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13 year old sets herself challenge to help tidy the streets of MK by picking up 100kg of waste

Eva is a 13 year old looking to make a positive difference here in Milton Keynes by challenging herself to pick up 100kg of rubbish.

Within her GoFundMe page, Eva tells us a little bit more about why she has set herself this commendable challenge.

''I am Eva, a 13- year-old teenager from the UK. In the past few months, I've been doing litter picking in my own city, as this is a huge issue in Great Britain and all around the world. We are complaining that people of all ages are littering, but we do nothing about it. That is why I challenged myself to collect over 100kg of litter within 4-6 weeks, progress of which action I will share online.

If you share the same concerns, you can make your contribution to the cause, by either following my example or donating money. With the money collected from this fundraising campaign, I will buy the necessary equipment, that will be donated to my school, in order to encourage litter picking sessions in schools. These sessions will teach pupils to keep a clean environment and will make them aware how much harm a piece of plastic/paper can cause.''

But for Eva, this isn't just about keeping the streets clean, it's about saving lives and protecting wildlife too.

''Hundreds of thousands of animals, plants, birds, and sea creatures are suffocating each day because of our unthoughtful actions. Pieces of litter are washed down by rain in rivers or lakes, and this pollutes our waters as well. People are unaware of what can a simple piece of trash do to our environment, and how this can lead to global warming. That is why, as a student, I think it is time to act.''

We think what Eva is doing is absolutely wonderful. Thankyou for making such a huge commitment to society.

If you would like to make a donation please click here.

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