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2.22 A Ghost Story - A hairs on end thriller.

2:22 A Ghost Story is a spine-chilling thriller play written by Danny Robins that premiered in the West End in 2021. It was nominated for a Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Play the following year.

The story follows Sam and Jenny, played by Nathaniel Curtis and Louise Lytton respectively, who have recently become homeowners. One night, Jenny hears strange noises through the baby monitor at exactly 2:22 a.m., including a man crying, leading her to believe that the house may be haunted. However, Sam remains sceptical and believes that there must be a more logical explanation.

At a dinner party with friends including Lauren, played by Charlene Boyd, and Ben-Jo Absolom, who is interested in the supernatural, they discuss the strange occurrences. They agree to stay up until 2:22 a.m. to see if anything mysterious happens.

The play keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, with suspense building up until the very last moment. The set design is impressive and adds to the realistic depiction of events. The play features jump scares and screams, taking the audience on a scary ride. Additionally, it has a humorous side, with Jo Absolom's character providing comic relief with his excellent timing.

I’ve read many mixed reviews and I personally found the play to be rather shouty, with a lot of talking over one another, it could have been more subtle. Overall, though, the audience seemed to find 2:22 A Ghost Story a thrilling play that is sure to keep audiences entertained.

Playing until Saturday 7th October, you might just be lucky to get a ticket, but you’ll have to hurry as they are selling out fast.

Shahnaz (Shiny) Hussain

Arts Reviewer


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