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2 Million Miles Emission Free For Starship Robots

Our beloved Starship Robots have clocked up 2 million miles between them and have released zero emissions into the world by doing so!

Starship Technologies took to social media to share the news.

They said. “Happy Earth Day! We’re proud to announce our robots have just completed 2 million emission free miles!

Our planet needs help, and we’re so thankful for your support. For many of our customers, every Starship delivery means a car journey saved, and we’ve already helped avoid hundreds of thousands of car journeys to date. We’d like to take this opportunity today to thank you for joining us on our mission for cleaner air, healthier lungs and a happier Mother Earth.

Our electrically powered robots solve the problem of ‘last-mile delivery’, the final short distance between retailer and customer, universally recognised as the most inefficient and costly stretch of the supply chain. By replacing car, van and scooter based local deliveries, we’re dramatically reducing energy usage and emissions, helping to decongest towns and cities around the world.“

Here in Milton Keynes residents absolutely love the robots, they’ve been adopted as our own! Not only are they extremely useful and good to the planet but they bring smiles to so many faces throughout MK!

Well done to Starship technologies! Amazing work.


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