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Annual Accessibility Fund delivers improvements for residents

Each year, applications can be made to a £25k Accessibility Fund to help remove any obstacles and improve mobility on the public highway around MK.

Approved applications from the last two years identified 11 locations where there was no suitable place for anyone with accessibility needs to cross the road easily and safely.

Dropped kerbs were added at either side of the road to create an accessible place to cross. Tactile paving, a textured surface, was installed into the footway around the dropped kerb to help any pedestrians, especially those with vision impairments, to detect the crossing.

The 11 schemes were completed at:

Denbigh Road, Bletchley

Linceslade Grove, Loughton

Leys Road, Loughton

Marsh Drive, Great Linford

Whitethorns, Newport Pagnell

Fern Grove, Bletchley

Haldene, Two Mile Ash

Hunter Drive, Bletchley

Stoke Road, Bletchley

St Martins Street, Bletchley

Thirsk Gardens, Bletchley

Councillor Lauren Townsend, Cabinet Member for the Public Realm said, “This annual fund is an easy way for residents to tell us about an accessibility issue that is affecting them in their local area. Each year we carry out several schemes for residents that really make a big difference to them.”

“We’re also continuing to invest in larger mobility schemes across MK to make it easier for everyone to move around the city by removing obstacles and improving access.”

Applications for the 2022/23 Accessibility Fund can be made by anyone who wants to help improve accessibility in their local area such as removing or installing a handrail or by adding dropped kerbs.

You can find out more about the fund and how to apply on the Highways & Transport Hub section on the Council’s website,

All applications are considered, and a feasibility check is carried out by a highways officer.

Due to the Covid pandemic the 2020/21 schemes were delivered during 2021/22.


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