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Asylum Seeker Facility: Lib Dems Demand Home Office Answers

Last month, the Home Office chose the former Woughton House Hotel, located in Woughton-on-the-Green, as accommodation for asylum seekers.

Local councillors have stepped up to help, but also have some questions for the Home Office.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Paul Trendall will be bringing a motion to the Council about this next week, asking the Leader and Chief Executive to put the pressing questions to the Home Secretary.

Councillor Trendall represents Campbell Park and Old Woughton, the ward where the former hotel is located: “Asylum seekers are welcome in Milton Keynes, and they deserve safe accommodation that is arranged in an open and honest way – the Home Office has not done this.”

“Instead, the former Woughton House Hotel was chosen to house asylum seekers without consultation with the Council or local residents.”

“We do not know why this location was selected, or why volunteers are being asked to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements by the Home Office’s contractor, Clearsprings. There are so many unanswered questions, and this motion is trying to get them resolved.”

Councillor Trendall concluded: “The Council, asylum seekers and local residents all deserve answers, and the Home Secretary needs to provide them.”


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