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Black cat Lucy is looking for her forever home

Black and black and white cats like Lucy are sadly surrounded by stigma which results in them waiting much longer than the average cat to find a home, although they are just as loveable as any other cat.

So where does this stigma come from? In European folklore, black cats are considered a bad omen, a symbol of misfortune and the companions of witches. However, let's not forget in the ancient Egyptian times black cats were worshipped as goddesses due to their resemblance to the goddess Bastet.

The volunteers at Cats Protection Milton Keynes & District branch certainly think the Egyptians had the right idea. The branches Committee member Belle O’Connor said “Black and black and white cats make up over half the cats in our care, cats like Lucy, who has been patiently waiting for her forever home for some time now”.

Lucy has been described by her fosterers as a “chirpy 9 year old adult cat, who loves her playtimes as much as nap times and enjoys a quiet morning lie in.”

It's sadly Lucy's second time Cats Protection’s care after six years with her first adopters, which didn't work out as she became stressed after the arrival of a puppy.

Lucy is very loving but does need a home with no other animals or children, and an experienced owner who can understand her needs. Lucy loves to have a fuss and sit on your lap, but these need to be on her terms, she uses her litter trays happily and seems keen to get back to enjoying and exploring the outdoors.

To adopt Lucy or any of the other cats at Cats Protection Milton Keynes & District Branch then please call 01908 984 799 or email


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