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Blakelands Residents Let Down Once Again say Conservatives

Residents affected by the scandalous decision to allow an enormous warehouse in Blakelands to be doubled in size right behind their homes have been left frustrated after MK Council’s coalition denied them their opportunity to have their questions answered.

The final nail in the coffin for Blakelands residents came on 16 December when MK Council’s Audit Committee met to consider the report that cost MK taxpayer’s £150,000.

Despite last-ditch efforts from Conservative Councillors to have the report go further in light of evidence that key witnesses were not interviewed and important information was not considered, MK Council’s Liberal Democrat and Labour Councillors were determined to bury the Blakelands planning scandal.

The Conservative attempt to have further evidence considered was defeated by the Liberal Democrat and Labour Councillors, who voted against their amendment and denied Blakelands residents their chance at finally having their questions answered.

Cllr Alex Walker, Leader of the Conservative Group, said:

“The report is well structured, far more detailed than any of the reports we have received previously and there are some interesting aspects to it.

“However, the basis of our support for establishing this process was that it would attain the answers the residents were seeking. Sadly, Labour and Lib Dem councillors blocked any further attempt to clarify outstanding questions.

“We are disappointed that many key witnesses have not been interviewed, including the Chair of the planning committee at the time of the decision being made, and that documentation provided by residents have seemingly not been considered.

“We tried to correct these points at audit meeting but as ever Lib Dem and Labour Cllrs blocked it.”

A Blakelands Residents Association Representative, added:

“As the Blakelands Residents Association representative who spoke at tonight’s meeting, I would like to put on record my sincere thanks to all the Conservative councillors on audit committee who did their utmost to get further work undertaken to get the key questions that remain unanswered investigated.

The Conservatives’ proposed amendments seeking further investigations and they were defeated on party political lines by the Lib Dem/Labour Alliance outvoting them. Perhaps that is why our Lib Dem representatives were not present to speak, so they were not seen to be speaking against the party lines or perhaps they really don't care about the community they represent. Look out the rest of Milton Keynes, there was nothing agreed tonight that ensures that what has happened to us will never happen to anyone else in Milton Keynes.”


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