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Bump, Birth and Beyond - Award Winning Antenatal Classes In Milton Keynes

Bump, Birth and Beyond antenatal classes are an absolute must for all parents-to-be, providing personal, informative and engaging classes to suit the users needs.

The classes offer education, advice and support to expectant parents in Milton Keynes.

Mum of three and practising Midwife Vicki Brindle heads up Bump, Birth and Beyond Milton Keynes, sharing her passion for delivering the most up-to-date evidence available, giving you the tools to make informed choices to enhance your labour and childbirth experiences.

Vicki said, ''It’s important to me to build a community and help families find their tribe. When I had my children, I had a number of close friends who were pregnant at the same time. Four of us have stayed close and our children have all grown up together. We all enjoy spending time together and it certainly made the whole experience a lot easier, especially with my first. It’s still really important that even though our children are older now, we can help support each other as we are going through shared experiences.''

So the business itself, what is there to know?

Bump, Birth and Beyond recently won the Lux life award for most educational antenatal classes in the UK. There are 13 branches across the UK all provided by registered Midwives who all believe they are perfectly placed to deliver the education as they are part of the team that are actually providing the care.

How can you sign up?

The Milton Keynes classes run from Oxley park on a Thursday night 1930-2130.

There are also options for one to one sessions.

The Classes run over five weeks and they cover:

- Preparing your mind and body for birth

- Early labour

- Induction of labour

- Pain relief

- Established labour

- Infant feeding

- Care of the newborn

The Milton Keynes group also have a WhatsApp group for exciting baby announcements and postnatal meet ups or just general community support.

If you are interested in finding out more, contact Vicki via one of her platforms below or give her a call on 07507706072.

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