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Business: Rapid COVID-19 tests in your workplace

Lateral flow testing can help to find cases in workplaces and stop the disease spreading. Identifying cases early means larger outbreaks are less likely to happen, which protects people’s health and can protect your business – ensuring it can continue to operate.

You need to be ready to carry out tests properly, investing resources and time.

Remember, testing won’t identify all cases and all Government measures (such as Hands, Face, Space) still need to be in place and reinforced.

Answers to some common questions can be found below. For the full FAQs and further advice, please visit: www.milton-keynes/workplace-lateral-flow-tests.

What is Lateral Flow Testing (LFT)?

Lateral flow testing is a quick way to test whether people have COVID-19. It is normally used to test people who do not have symptoms of coronavirus. One in three people with COVID-19 have no symptoms and may be spreading it unknowingly. Testing people without symptoms is an important tool to identify those people and help to stop the virus spreading. Find out more.

How do I access LFT for my workplace?

If you have fewer than 50 employees, any employees who can’t work from home can visit MK Council’s test centre at the Central Library every weekday. Find more details and opening hours.

If you have more than 50 employees, you can order tests for your staff.

Register an interest by emailing or clicking here. You must register by 31 March 2021. You’re welcome to contact MK Council to learn how our test centre works in order to shape your own plans. Just email us on

Do I need to notify anyone about positive COVID-19 cases in my workforce?

Yes, the MK local public health team. Please complete this online form or call 01234 718141 (office hours Monday - Friday) or email (7 days a week). MK shares a public health resource with Bedford.

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