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Businesses encouraged to take climate action

Milton Keynes City Council is providing more support to small businesses to take action against climate change through its Net Zero project.

The city council launched the initiative last year for 50 local firms and is now opening up the programme to more businesses due to increased demand.

MK City Council has teamed up with Ngage Solutions to provide fully funded practical support for local firms, helping them achieve their sustainability goals. Net Zero guides businesses to access grant funding and training to help them make the most of low carbon opportunities and reduce their energy costs.

The programme includes:

  • Practical events looking at businesses how may be impacted by climate change and the steps they can take

  • Access to low carbon initiatives

  • Facilitating high-quality services and training to capitalise on low carbon opportunities

  • Events and workshops for companies to create a network of like-minded businesses who can work together

Local businesses interested in enrolling onto the programme should visit email or call 01494 360569.

We’re committed to tackling the climate crisis and this needs businesses and communities to come together to achieve meaningful action. It’s really encouraging to see local businesses who share our vision of making our city carbon neutral and I look forward to working with them to achieve sustainable economic growth.”

- Deputy Leader of MK City Council, Cllr Robin Bradburn

“Last year, Net Zero MK helped 50 businesses assess their annual carbon footprints. Of those assisted 21 made Net Zero pledges, involving 650 employees on a journey to lowering carbon emissions. We are excited that the new programme will build upon these successes, working with both new and returning businesses across the city. Our improved offering includes 1-2-1 sessions calculating carbon footprints, environmental masterclasses, and importantly, tailored reduction plans for Net Zero and the cost reductions they entail.”

- Head of Funding Acquisiton and Business Development at Ngage Solutions, Adam Champney


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