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Channel 4 News - MK Hospital

Milton Keynes Hospital has tonight featured on Channel 4 News showing the devastating impact the new strain of Coronavirus is having on our NHS. The feature showed 10 wards are now filled solely, with Patients being treated with Covid.

The hospital allowed the cameras on to the wards because they want people to know how much of a serious impact this is having on the staff & NHS as a whole.

Figures show that 1 in 40 people in Milton Keynes now have Covid-19.

As the presenter was on air, a passer by shouted that the wards are empty and it’s all fake. She re-iterated that the hospital is under huge pressure and that the wards are filled with very sick patients.

Stay Home, Save Lives, Protect the NHS.

We must follow the guidance. No matter your opinion, help to save lives.

Watch the feature here:


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