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Charity Focus MK with MK Charities: Curly Tails

Curly Tails are our Charity Focus of the week and they need your help

Curly Tails are a charity who rescues unwanted and abused pigs. A charity that ensures a happy life for every rescuer, and one who unfortunately isn’t government funded and relies purely on donations from the public and local businesses whether this is monetised, food, wood chippings, anything that will help give their pigs a better life than what they had previously.

“The pigs that come to us may have been mistreated, neglected, abandoned or have lost their homes or aren’t as ‘micro’ as people initially thought or have been led to believe. The only other option for them is usually euthanasia. We take these animals and rehabilitate them socially, emotionally and physically, where needed, rehoming them where possible and if this isn’t an option, they stay with us for the rest of their natural lives in a safe, tranquil and caring environment.”

So much more than a pig sanctuary, Curly Tails provides learning, education and well-being through interaction with the rescued pigs, before the pandemic they have school's book educational trips where Curly Tail's education centre was utilised, they have just recently completed a virtual vision for a local school.


Pig Tails are currently in need of Type 1 and / or Type 2 ground fill and wood chippings to help cover sanctuary grounds after the mass rainfall we recently experienced.

Like to know more about Curly Tails? Perhaps sponsor one of the pigs so they can get what they need?

Visit their website:


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