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Charity50 – A new way to help raise money for charities and get rewarded by doing so!

In January 2021, Charity50 opened their doors (virtually) to the public with the aim to help charities within England & Wales by providing an additional fundraising opportunity.

The idea behind Charity50 was to create a large-scale competition that allows people to choose from over 169,000 charities in England and Wales, so plenty of great causes to support! The system allows the players to purchase tickets and assign a charity, per ticket purchase, that is close to their heart or home. The main focus is to allow players to choose any charity they support to give the charity an opportunity to gain an amazing amount of money to help towards the charity’s own causes.

To play all you need to do is head over to, register a new account and select the competition that you want to play, and assign a charity to each ticket you want to purchase – it’s that simple! When Charity50 announces the winning ticket, the assigned charity will receive 50% of all ticket sales with the winner player receiving a significant chunk of the money too! The more players that enter each of the competitions, the bigger the winnings! By playing and spreading awareness about Charity50 you would be helping many charities throughout the years!

Alicja Mierzejewska, Director of Charity50 states: “Many small and local charities need more awareness, they don’t have enough community reach, they may not be receiving the support they need but if we can create a community of people who all support different causes, the impact for the winning charity will be much greater than what they would normally receive from just their direct supporters and donations. Given the current global pandemic, fundraising for charities has never been so more important than it is now!”

Charity50 aims to improve local communities and charities along with rewarding the lucky winner by giving them slice of the pie, as we believe it is great way to award individuals who are supporting charities through our competitions. Even if players do not win there is always that ‘feel good’ moment knowing that they have helped raise money for a charity! We will also be conducting interviews with the charity winners so the whole community can see what amazing causes you’ve all supported through playing our competitions.

Charity50 is here for everyone who wants to make a difference, with such a wide variety of players we are aiming to create a large community of people who all support each other! We are a friendly bunch, so if you have any ideas on how we can help or get involved with your projects, you can contact us here and if you want to support a charity play today at


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