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City Council ensures help for pensioners in Milton Keynes

Hundreds of low-income pensioners across the city have received help with paying their council tax through a discretionary scheme launched earlier this year by the Progressive Alliance which runs Milton Keynes City Council.

The City Council’s discretionary scheme was launched at the start of June 2022 to support hundreds of pensioners living in higher-band council tax properties who may have needed help financially but were otherwise ineligible for the Government’s original council tax rebate scheme.

The Government’s scheme provided a £150 one-off payment to eligible households living in council tax bands A-D, and the Progressive Alliance decided to extend the offer of support to low-income pensioners in council tax bands E-H.

The scheme has proved a success, as 348 pensioners have each received a share of £52,000 in grants so far.

Councillor Rob Middleton, Labour Progressive Alliance Cabinet Member for Resources, said:

“We introduced this discretionary scheme to support pensioners with their council tax as many older people don’t have much disposable income, and money off their council tax will go a long way in helping them heat their homes or put dinner on the table. This financial support forms part of a wider support fund, totalling over £21m, to help the community through the cost-of-living crisis this year.”

Councillor Marie Bradburn, Lib Dem Councillor for Bradwell Ward, added:

“It’s devastating that there are people living in the city who are truly struggling to make ends meet, so I’m pleased that the Progressive Alliance is stepping up to provide support wherever possible. This discretionary council tax rebate scheme is just one of the ways we are supporting some of the most vulnerable this winter, but sadly we can only expect the cost-of-living crisis to get worse so I encourage those who are struggling to explore what other help is available to them.”

There is a list of cost-of-living support available on Milton Keynes City Council’s website here:


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