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Community litter pick sees over 100 bags of rubbish collected from Milton Keynes estates

A community litter pick campaign, which runs monthly, has now seen over 100 bags of rubbish collected from estates across the city.

The litter picks, launched by the Loughton & Shenley Ward team, began in January 2022. Members have been joining their local councillors to clean up the ward, with the areas changing each month.

Momentum for the litter picks has been growing rapidly – the most recent litter pick held in Loughton drew in over a dozen residents, including families and children. Volunteers each filled a large plastic sack, which means that over 100 bags of litter have now been cleared from the ward since the campaign began last year.

Loughton & Shenley Ward Councillor Shanika Mahendran launched the litter pick campaign:

“These litter picks were established to clean up the area while bringing people together, and they have been hugely successful in doing that. Volunteers have been able to meet their neighbours, form relationships and build a real sense of pride in their community.”

Councillor Zoe Nolan, who also represents Loughton & Shenley ward, added:

“Over the past year, the community litter picks have sparked a real passion for keeping the area clean and tidy. We hope that the continued efforts will encourage people to think twice about littering, as even a banana peel can take years to decompose. These litter picks are vital in making our city a more sustainable place, and I encourage everybody to participate wherever they can.”

The milestone comes during the month of the Great British Spring Clean, a nationwide campaign that encourages people to litter pick in their local area. Milton Keynes City Council works with parish and town councils to provide free litter picks for community members. More information can be found at:


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