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Conservative Councillors Call Out late Dorfman Report Regarding Blakelands Warehouse Saga

Conservative Councillors have called on the new Lib Dem Cabinet members on MK Council to use their influence to scrap the late Dorfman report into the Blakelands warehouse saga.

The final report, which is already well over 18 months late, was promised by the week commencing 10th May. But, once again the report has not been delivered.

Now the new Conservative Councillor representing Blakelands, who overturned a giant Lib Dem majority, has called on the ‘Progressive Alliance’ Cabinet to take action.

A preliminary report from planner Mark Dorfman in November 2020 said the planning process allowing the warehouse to be built was bona fire. Yet, he failed to provide any detail for his conclusions leading to widespread criticism.

Councillor Scot Balazs said:

“In the local election Blakelands was a huge issue. Labour and the Lib Dems lost hundreds of votes because they repeatedly blocked our calls to scrap the Dorfman report - which residents have completely lost faith in - and launch an external independent audit.

“The Lib Dems have now gone into Coalition with Labour and are in a position to take action. The Cabinet can remove funding due to the lack of value for taxpayer's money, will they do it?

“We can’t wait around for another six months for Dorfman’s answers that may never come, and even when they do, have very little authority. Let’s end this painful process and get an audit firm in.”


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