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Conservatives call on MK Council to improve planning enforcement

Conservative Councillors are bringing a motion to Milton Keynes Council calling on greater resources to be made available to improve planning enforcement.

This follows a recent judgement from the Local Government Ombudsman that found Milton Keynes Council guilty of maladministration over a failure to ensure adequate record-keeping.

Concerns from members of the public and the Development Control Committee were also expressed in June over repeated failures to deal with an unauthorised development that became immune to enforcement action due to the passage of time.

High profile examples of planning enforcement failures in Milton Keynes include the controversial Blakelands Warehouse on 1 Yeomans Drive and 42 Portland Drive in Willen.

If the motion passes, a report will be brought forward setting out the steps needed to improve the planning enforcement function. There will also be an expectation that greater resources will be provided to enable a more effective planning department.

Cllr Alex Walker, Leader of the Conservative Group, said:

“It is important that Milton Keynes has a planning department that is trusted, properly resourced and able to do the most basic of planning functions.

Our motion, if passed, will mean a greater focus on improving the planning function at MK Council so that residents aren’t caught in the cross-fire of poor planning enforcement.”

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