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Conservatives say MK needs some TLC

Conservative Councillors are calling for £360,000 to lead a clean-up crusade of Milton Keynes as Cllrs say the city has started to look “tired” due to a lack of care from the Labour and Liberal Democrat Council.

The funding would deliver measures focusing on deterring graffiti, littering and fly-tipping.

Underpasses, street lighting, signs and grass are also in the firing line as Conservative Cllrs aim to boost and bolster the appearance of MK after years of neglect.

Combating the rise in rat infestation will also play a part in the strategy.

Last year, residents were moaning about MK Council’s new policy that left roundabouts and verges looking “wild” with overgrown grass blocking visibility of motorists.

One driver said that she was finding it “difficult” to approach roundabouts because of the length of the grass.

Other residents have complained about the number of pest problems, even in areas that MK Council claim they target with one Netherfield resident saying that she had to move out of her property due to size of the rat problem.

Cllr Alex Walker, Leader of the Conservative Group, said:

“In some areas, particularly older estates, Milton Keynes is looking tired. It’s a dire reflection of the Labour and Liberal Democrat Council in charge that they have left a trail of broken signs, rampant fly-tipping and pest control problems as their record in power.

We’re determined to give MK the TLC it needs and with this proposal, we can make a step in the right direction.”


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