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Council invests £70,000 to help local businesses become greener

MK Council has partnered with the National Energy Foundation (NEF) to offer free training to local tradespeople on how to install eco-friendly equipment, and to businesses on how to reduce their carbon footprint.

The Council is investing £70,000 to unlock hundreds of hours of training from the Foundation for local business people, including:

- Training for up to 25 local tradespeople on how to gain TrustMark accreditation for the install of eco-friendly equipment such as insulation, double glazing and new heating systems

- Online training for businesses looking to make the first step in developing an environmental policy, including an all-staff exercise to demonstrate how everyone can make a difference

- Certification for up to ten people to give advice on the best way to make homes more energy efficient

- Further training to help professionals already qualified as Domestic Energy Assessors to gain additional qualifications

The training is paid for by the Council’s £500,000 Green Business Recovery Fund and is intended to help local businesses improve their green offer to local residents and create more sustainable jobs.

Deputy Leader of MK Council, Cllr Robin Bradburn said: “Our work with the National Energy Foundation will provide genuine support for businesses who want to become greener. Because of COVID-19 it’s been an incredibly tough couple of years. This is an opportunity to help grow our economy responsibly and for some businesses to ‘bounce back green’. We’re very proud of our work in this area and look forward to seeing more businesses take steps to becoming cleaner and greener on our journey to delivering a fair and balanced economic recovery.”

Director of Development at NEF said: “We are really pleased to have been given this funding by MK Council to deliver support to local businesses interested in becoming greener. With lots of government initiatives to support householders make their homes more energy efficient and a high interest from consumers in the environmental credentials of suppliers, the training on offer as a result of this funding is very well timed. The Team at NEF are really looking forward to working with you.”

To find out more about the training please contact

The National Energy Foundation is an independent domestic energy and sustainability charity based in Milton Keynes who have been at the forefront of improving the use of energy in buildings for more than 30 years. Their passionate and experienced team is focussed on reducing fuel poverty, cutting household carbon emissions and creating healthier communities through forward-thinking projects and community integration. They utilise their experience to provide leadership, support and advice in promoting domestic energy and raise awareness of the importance of sustainable housing for the health of the public and the planet.

Further information about the NEF and the programme is available


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