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Council looking to curb anti-social behaviour and boost safety at Bletchley’s Blue Lagoon

Milton Keynes City Council is currently exploring options regarding how anti-social behaviour can be tackled and community safety can be improved at the Blue Lagoon in Bletchley.

This summer, there was a spate of anti-social behaviour and arson in the nature reserve, which is located between Newton Leys and the Lakes Estate. People had also been swimming in the lake without supervision, and concerns were raised about people being unaware of the dangers hidden beneath the water’s surface.

As a result, the local authority wishes to boost community safety by imposing certain restrictions at the Blue Lagoon from next summer.

Options are being explored for the area; one potential course of action is to introduce a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) which would consist of:

  • Managing all naked flames and combustion in the park, meaning that there would be no BBQs, stoves, fires, or bikes with combustion engines allowed.

  • Managing water activity, so there is no lone swimming or swimming without prior consent.

Councillor Jenny Wilson-Marklew, Labour Progressive Alliance Cabinet Member for Community Safety, said:

“The Blue Lagoon is a beautiful nature reserve that is a real asset to the community. However, this summer, the area endured multiple arson attacks and incidents of anti-social behaviour.

It also became clear that many people swim in the lake without knowing how dangerous it truly is. The Blue Lagoon should be a safe and welcoming haven for the community, and we will work to ensure it becomes such a space in the summers to come.”

The announcement of planned safety improvements to the area follows a lengthy campaign by ward councillors to make improvements to the area.

Labour’s Emily Darlington, Councillor for Bletchley East, added:

“Residents have regularly shared their concerns about safety at the Blue Lagoon, so I welcome the Council’s plans to make improvements and look forward to seeing how the plans progress.”

Milton Keynes City Council will work with Bucks Fire & Rescue, the Community Safety team, and Bletchley and Fenny Town Council to establish the best option and will launch a consultation before any decisions are made.


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