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Council to roll out a better, faster and greener way to get around MK

MK Council is rolling out a new demand responsive transport system (DRT) as a more efficient, cleaner and greener way to get around the city.

The new MK Connect service will start on 1 April. MK Connect Vehicles will pick up passengers from close to wherever they are within minutes of booking, and take them to their destination. Journeys are quick and easy to book via an app or over the phone. Journeys are not restricted to bus routes and are expected to be faster in most cases. Passengers should be collected and dropped off within 400m of their location and destination, although it is usually less.

The service is being run by Via and will replace the subsidised bus services currently paid for by MK Council because they are underused by customers. Commercial bus routes will continue to run. MK Council and Via are working together to promote the changes and show people how to use the new system.

Passengers using a wheelchair or who have a disability will be matched with a fully accessible vehicle, and the service is accessible to passengers with vision, hearing and other requirements.

Cabinet Member for Climate and Sustainability, Cllr Jennifer Wilson-Marklew said: “The new MK Connect service will be a more efficient and greener way for people to get around the city. As a non-driver and frequent bus user myself, I know that the service in Milton Keynes doesn't work for the majority of people. MK Connect, a partnership with Via, could change that for thousands of people currently let down by routes that don't run where or when they need them.”

Single journeys cost £3.50 during peak hours (7am-9am, 4.30pm-6.30pm) and £2.50 at all other times; less than equivalent journeys on the former bus routes. Concessionary bus passes and All in 1 Youth cards will be accepted as well as the MK move pay as you go purse.

For more information about MK Connect and how to download the app, please visit:


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