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Council to slash fuel bills in Netherfield thanks to eco upgrades

Just over 300 homes in Netherfield will benefit from some of the greenest efficiency upgrades available in the UK after MK Council successfully secured £3.4m of government funding for the work, with MK Council match funding £9.8m.

By securing funding from the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF) the Council will boost the energy efficiency of homes, which will ease rising energy costs by up to 50% for local families (based on current average) once the work is completed.

External walls in the Netherfield council homes will be insulated, and windows and doors will be upgraded to the highest standards. Roofs will be replaced which will also include high performance insultation.

The programme is also expected to create almost 50 local jobs and apprenticeships.

The work, which will be part of the Netherfield estate renewal programme, is expected to start in summer 2022. Conversations will start with residents very soon, so work can be planned with as minimal disruption as possible.

MKC will continue to look to take advantage of further waves of green funding to improve the homes of Council residents.

Cabinet Member for Adults, Housing and Healthy Communities, Cllr Emily Darlington said: “At a time when fuel bills are unaffordable for many, projects like these will make a huge difference to families choosing to heat or eat. I am committed to greening our council homes and this will be our first project in Woughton.

“We are developing similar proposals on other estates and will be working with residents to help them reduce fuel bills and cut carbon emissions.”


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