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Councillor Hopkins fighting for Woburn Sands Bus Service link to Hospital and CMK

At tonight’s Full Council, Cllr David Hopkins will be calling for an amendment to the MKCC budget that offers a lifeline to a crucial bus link, 450 (89) bus route(s), connecting the town of Woburn Sands with MK Hospital and Central Milton Keynes

This comparatively small amount (£20K) could be the difference between connectivity and

isolation for many Woburn Sands residents who currently rely on the once-a-day bus.

Cllr David Hopkins, in moving the resolution, comments

‘It is not service provider specific but this amendment is designed to support the efforts of any

registered operator prepared to offer this crucial lifeline. It seems sometimes that the further

you are from the centre of the city the less likely you are to have the opportunity to take

advantage of public transport with all the environmental benefits that brings.

At a time when

MK City Council is debating massively increasing the densities of developments that are most

distant from the centre of the city its support for public transport appears all but non-existent.

This is not a party-political manoeuvre (indeed both Labour Councillor Tracey Bailey and I have

worked closely on various initiatives in an attempt to save the service) but it does offer an

opportunity to put forward some level of support to an operator to either continue with a

service or for a new operator to take over and enhance such a service’.

Cllr Hopkins hopes for cross party support to enable the link between the old town and the

new city to continue and eventually expand into a more regular timetabled, 7 days a week



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