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Councillors Back Youth Cabinet and Call for New Role of Elected Youth Mayor

Lib Dem Press Release: Lib Dem Councillor Leo Montague will bring a motion to Council next week, encouraging the authority to create a Youth Mayor role.

Cllr Montague with his children

The Youth Mayor would represent the young people of Milton Keynes at civic events, including accompanying the Mayor to other engagements.

The motion also looks at the possibility of creating a councillor role of Youth Democracy Champion, so that the youth democracy agenda remains at the forefront of the Council.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Leo Montague said: “I was a member of the Youth Cabinet whilst I was at school, so I have first-hand experience in how vital it is in not only engaging the younger generation with politics and democracy, but also helping shape the future of Milton Keynes.”

“I’m also a father of two, and I know how important it is that we support the democratic process for our children’s futures.”

Liberal Democrat Councillor Marie Bradburn will second the motion: “The Youth Cabinet have done excellent work in recent years, and it is crucial they’re supported by the Council and elected members.”

Councillor Zoe Nolan, Labour Cabinet Member for Children and Families, said: “Elections are a key pillar of our democracy, and this should continue to be reflected in the Youth Cabinet.”

“Holding elections is an excellent way to engage young people in local democracy and politics; they’re the future of our city and country, and we need to be doing everything we can to engage them in the processes that are at the forefront of our democracy.”


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