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Customers Shout About Local Tescos Worker For Her Continuous Positivity and Laughter

A social media post as gone viral in a local residents group for a staff member at the Wolverton Tescos.

Dionne is a very well recognised member of staff in Tescos Wolverton.

She is most known for her infectious laugh and her positivity.

No matter what the weather, no matter what is happening in the world, Dionne wears the biggest smile to work and judging by the response to the post in the 'Wolverton Massive' group on Facebook, she is lighting up many peoples lives when carrying out their weekly shops.

Jamie Stimpson posted in to the group saying, ''This isn’t the first time I have posted about this lady but you know what, she deserves all the love she can get. She brightens even the dullest of days!! DIONNE FOR THE WIN.''

The post has racked up nearly 1000 likes and hundreds of comments from group members.

Below are some of the comments from community members on the post.

Emma said, ''She is an inspiration. She never shows what stresses or strains she may have and just shines for everyone. Her positive energy humbles me , even when I was going through hard times , just seeing her and hearing her talk to others is a tonic for the soul.''

Marina said, ''An excellent service, always there for everyone! Thank you Dionne xx''

Anne said, ''She really is a wonderful woman. You can be in a rotten mood, meet

Dionne and you're smiling. Lovely woman''

We love to share these amazing local stories.

Well done Dionne for making the community that little bit more positive.


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