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Cycling up Mount Everest for Milton Keynes Charity

Francis will this weekend cycle up the world’s highest mountain (above sea level) helping to raise funds for local charity Toybox.

Francis is part of a team of 6 who have been training for 12 weeks alongside 40 others, to prepare for their virtual challenge to tackle the huge height of the 60-million-year-old mountain in Nepal.

In 2015 it became illegal for children to live on the streets of Kathmandu. Street children not only hide from traffickers and potential abusers, but from the police. To become an official citizen of Nepal requires official birth registration documentation, however 48% of children in Nepal do not have a birth certificate.

In Nepal a birth certificate costs around £36, but for children living, and in many cases working on the streets it is simply a cost they cannot afford. More than a third of 10-14-year-olds in Nepal go to work and 85% of street children are illiterate, a birth certificate is compulsory for a child to start school.

Francis tells us why he is taking part for Toybox: “I have been privileged to be a member of the Trustee Board at Toybox for a number of years now and am continually amazed by the determination of the team and partners to stand in the gap for vulnerable street children and provide practical support and help the most marginalised and vulnerable in society.”

You can encourage and support Francis with his challenge here:

Every donation will be matched by Francis’ employer, global insurance company Gallagher.

For more information about Toybox, go to or follow on Facebook andInstagram.


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