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Demonstration in support of striking Nurses, Teachers, Railway & Postal Workers to take place TODAY

A “Support the Strikers” rally will take place Outside Milton Keynes Conservative Club in Bletchley on Wednesday 1st February at 5.30pm.

The rally, organised by MK People's Assembly with local trades unions, is part of a nationwide day of action that includes the first nurses strike in British history.

The event is also supported by the UCU union that represents workers at Milton Keynes’ second biggest employer, The Open University.

As well as a country wide teachers strike, called by the National Education Union, the Department for Education (DFE) and schools inspectorate Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills) are also on strike that day.

Speakers will include Emily Darlington, Councilor for Bletchley East Ward, alongside trade unionists and People's Assembly speakers.

Organisers, Milton Keynes People’s Assembly, are calling on the public to give the widest possible support to strikers and to defend the right to strike, defend the NHS and defend the right to protest – all of which they say are at risk.

Gary Lloyd, a postman from Milton Keynes and MK People’s Assembly Trade Union Liaison officer said:

"It is no accident that the very people taking strike action at the moment are the very same key workers that were lauded as heroes during the recent pandemic. Their reward from this Government has been real-terms pay cuts and an assault on their terms and conditions of employment. Now they are fighting back in the only way that they can - by taking strike action to force the Government back to the negotiating table. It is essential that everyone supports the strikes, and give this Government the message that 'Enough is Enough'!"

Wayne Moore, Regional Organiser for the RMT (The National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers)in Bletchley encouraged people to join the demonstration saying:

“Support these events. It is crucial that we, the working class, show this government that we will not have our right to strike and protest attacked and oppressed”


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