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Dozens more high-quality council homes set for Milton Keynes

A leading Cabinet Member will next week take a decision that will enable the creation of dozens more high-quality council homes in Milton Keynes.

The Council approved planning permission for 66 new council properties at the former council-owned Cripps Lodge site in Netherfield last year. The development plans include a mix of:

- Two and three-bedroom bungalows

- Three, four and five-bedroom houses

- One and two-bedroom apartments

There will also be driveways and parking facilities, garden amenity, open space and soft landscaped areas.

However, in order for work to progress, the Council must now purchase the leasehold of a small piece of land adjacent to the site from The Parks Trust.

Councillor Emily Darlington, Labour Progressive Alliance Cabinet Member for Housing, will take the decision to obtain the land:

“Milton Keynes Council has the most ambitious council house building plan for a generation. And, as the cost of living crisis deepens, I’m proud that we are continuing our commitment to building 500 new council properties for people in need – as everyone deserves a safe and secure place that they can call home.”

Labour Ward Councillor Amber McQuillan (Woughton & Fishermead) added:

“Cripps Lodge was a domiciliary care service run by the Council up until its closure in 2018, so I’m pleased that the site will still continue to benefit the community. I look forward to seeing how the scheme progresses when construction begins next year.”


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