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Early community infrastructure in place for MK East

A milestone has been reached in the development of new community facilities in the east of the city. 

At an event last week, the steel structure supporting the new ‘community health hub’ was signed by visitors including Council Leader Pete Marland.

The 461-hectare development, which sits between Newport Pagnell and the M1, will eventually include 5,000 new homes plus shops and local amenities.  Alongside the new housing will be two employment zones with capacity to create 5,000 jobs and a new 63-hectare ‘river valley park’ providing additional green space for residents.

These first buildings are being delivered by the City Council with support from the Government’s Housing Infrastructure Fund. The community health hub will offer space for a GP Practice plus associated physical and mental health services. The purpose-built 1900sq. metre building will also include a community hall and meeting space – all managed by the City Council.

The community hub is being built with greener use in mind; not relying on gas boilers but instead using clever technology and renewable energy sources to minimise the impact on the environment and make eventual running costs lower.

“In Milton Keynes, we’re committed to smart growth and that means serious investment in community infrastructure. We want to ensure that by the time new families move to this area in 2026, everything is in place and ready to support them. This is equally important for our existing residents who don’t want to see additional pressures on the GP practices, schools and local services they rely on. Careful planning and a fantastic network of partners allows us to continue expanding in a way that benefits the whole city.”

- MK Council Leader, Cllr Pete Marland

The construction work is being undertaken by Ashe Construction Ltd. Their design team has worked closely with the City Council to ensure the completed buildings will contribute towards its Sustainability Strategy.


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