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Food and garden waste collections reminder

MK Council confirmed that Food and garden waste collections will restart from Monday 15 March.

When and where to put your bins out

  • Place waste and recycling on the boundary of your property closest to where the collection vehicle passes by 7am on your collection day. Don’t put out your recycling earlier than 5pm the day before your collection day

  • Don’t pile up your bags with the neighbours in your street

  • Tie up all rubbish and recycling bags

  • Rinse out any food and drink containers before you put them into the clear sacks

  • Breakdown cardboard and place it inside the clear recycling sack. If is too big please take to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre

  • Don’t put loose items, e.g. large cardboard boxes out with your recycling; it won’t be collected

  • If your recycling bags, box or wheeled bin contain the wrong items it may not be collected or emptied.


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