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Free after-school clubs for families thanks to Council boost

Milton Keynes Council is launching a new scheme to help local organisations put on free or low cost after-school clubs and meals for children, reaching families who may be struggling to make ends meet.

Organisations who set up ‘Homework Plus Clubs’ can apply for a one-off grant of £1,000 from the Council. To qualify, clubs should be free or low cost and open to all children. As well as providing support with homework including internet access, organisers should offer a substantial meal. The scheme is one of many recent Council initiatives designed to help families who may be struggling financially following rises in the cost of living.

Cllr Jane Carr, Cabinet Member for Child Poverty, said: “We hope this funding will enable more local organisations to consider starting or perhaps re-starting an after-school club. We know how disruptive the past couple of years have been for children, both socially and academically. Homework Plus Clubs will provide a safe, quiet place for children and young people to study, socialise and enjoy a healthy meal.”

Last year, the Council’s Poverty Commission found almost 23,000 children were living in poverty in Milton Keynes. The Council is working with local partners on a range of initiatives to challenge child poverty, including:

A childcare deposit scheme to support parents and carers who want to work, but who struggle with upfront childcare costs.

A low-cost school uniform scheme.

Working with partners SOFEA, Community Fridge and Foodbank Xtra on community food larders.

Interested organisations should apply using this simple two-page form which includes full conditions. Applications should be sent to by 11 March 2022.


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