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Free Palestine march organised in MK as Israeli PM signals bombing will resume with "full force"

A march for a "Free Palestine" organised this weekend.

Attendees will assemble at CMK Railway Station and march to The Point, Central Milton Keynes where a vigil will be held for lives lost in the violence and in hope of a permanent ceasefire and peace.

The event is the latest in a series of local and national demonstrations that have taken place over the past 8 weeks in which hundreds of thousands have participated.

The march is due to take place as Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday said it's military operation will continue "with full force" despite international calls for a ceasefire.(1)

Full details of the march here HERE Speaking before tomorrow's event Paula Chammings of Milton Keynes Palestine Solidarity Campaign said: "We are marching for the 22,000 Civilians (many of whom were children - Gaza's population is 50% children)(2) killed by Israel, or missing under rubble in Gaza and the West Bank, since 7 October.(3) Alongside millions of others across the UK, we are calling for a permanent ceasefire as the first step to prevent any more loss of life. The uncertainty of this temporary truce still looms over all Palestinians, and the violence against them has continued, especially in the West Bank, where Israeli armed forces have launched deadly attacks on Palestinian communities. The only way to prevent the killing of more people in Gaza is a permanent ceasefire, and for the root cause of this crisis to be addressed – an end to Israel’s colonialism and apartheid against the Palestinian people. We are raising awareness that Gaza has been under siege since 2007 and was already in a dire situation before Israel's latest assault which has killed thousands and injured and displaced many more. We are Calling for an end to British complicity in Israel’s violence, including through an end to the UK-Israel arms trade and an end to the UK government's support for the killing of civilians. We want to raise public awareness of the crime of Apartheid that Israel is guilty of and has been since 1948. She continued: We also wish to send a message to Iain Stewart and Ben Everitt that we are appalled that they voted against calling for a Ceasefire in Gaza. A significant number of their constituents have written repeatedly and requested meetings to discuss Israel's war on Gaza. We have not received replies to our letters and calls for a face to face meeting have been refused. Our movement is growing. People from all walks of life are starting to realise the truth about Israeli apartheid, and are wanting to take action against the complicity of the British government and companies in it. People who have never protested before are coming out in their thousands to show their support for Palestinians.  We will keep raising our voices for freedom." 

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