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Global MK project to Partner with Cities Around the World

Local Conservatives have announced their plan to strike new partnerships with cities around the world as they seek to develop new relationships post-Brexit that will boost MK’s economy.

Cllr Alex Walker

Global MK is an ambitious outward-looking project that the Conservatives want to use to expand Milton Keynes’ presence on the global stage as the UK looks set to take advantage of more than 70 new trade deals being agreed.

The Partnership Programme, a driver behind the Global MK project, would see MK seek partnership agreements with cities that share the same drive for innovation and progress. This would provide the opportunity to increase trade, investment, and cultural exchange with MK.

Leader of the Conservative Group Cllr Alex Walker said:

“Global MK is a positive and ambitious vision of our future. I want to see new markets open for our residents and I want to see new inward investment to support our start-up hubs across MK.

“Our Global MK campaign is a key part of that. Brexit has opened so many windows of opportunity and an ambitious place like Milton Keynes needs to grasp them.

That’s why a vote for the Conservatives on May 5 is a vote to take advantage of the opportunities provided by Brexit, not bury them like Labour and the Lib Dems.”


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