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Gov’t spending nearly £40,000 a day housing 310 Afghan Families in hotels in MK

Leading Cabinet members are calling for proper accommodation for Afghan families who were evacuated from Kabul ahead of the Taliban seizing control, as recent reports reveal the government is spending £4.7m a day housing them in hotels across the country.


Labour Councillor Emily Darlington, Cabinet Member for Adults, Housing and Healthy Communities said: “These Afghan families kept our troops safe when they were in Afghanistan and would have suffered repercussions for their actions at the hands of the Taliban. Residents have welcomed them to Milton Keynes and have been overwhelmingly generous with donations. The UK Government promised to care for them and placed them in hotels in MK temporarily. More than 6 months later, these families are still living in hotels with no end in sight. The government is failing them.”

“£4.7 million pounds each day is nearly £1.7 billion a year. It makes no moral or financial sense, all the while families are still stuck in hotels months after they’ve arrived, when they should be in suitable accommodation. It is completely unacceptable.”

Liberal Democrat Councillor Paul Trendall organised donations of clothes, toiletries, and other essentials for Afghan families that came to Milton Keynes in the summer: “The fact that we’re now seeing reports that the Home Office will stop providing Afghan families with free access to toiletries and medication is utterly heartless. Families with small children are trying their best to help their families through the trauma experienced and worrying about the family members left behind. How are they supposed to do that while living in a hotel room with no certainty about their future?”

“As a former Warrant Officer, I know the valuable service these families have provided to our armed forces. We promised them better and they deserve better. It is a complete disgrace.”


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