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Government urged to hold public inquiry into ADHD medication shortage

MK Lib Dems are urging the Government to hold a public inquiry into the shortage of ADHD (Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder) medication.

In September last year, the Department of Health and Social Care issued a National Patient Safety Alert about the shortage of certain drugs used to treat ADHD.

The DHSC have said that increased global demand and manufacturing issues are behind the shortage, and they expected the disruption to resolve at various dates between October and December 2023. 

However, the pharmaceutical company that is the main producer of ADHD drugs in the UK expects disruption will continue to drag on until April this year.

ADHD UK estimates that 2.6 million people across the UK are living with the condition, and according to a recent survey 97% of people taking medication have been impacted by the supply issue.

Lib Dem councillors say that not only is the situation significantly disrupting resident’s daily lives, but it’s also having damaging effects on children and young people’s education, negatively impacting their attendance and attainment.

Councillor Sophie Bell, who represents Shenley Brook End, said:

“The situation is playing havoc with people’s lives. Without medication people are struggling to concentrate at school or work, some worried about losing their jobs, and not to mention the impact it’s having on their homelife. Whilst the medication shortage continues, residents have been left stranded with no alternative treatments offered to help. I’m urging the Government to hold a public inquiry, not only to provide answers to those affected, but also to learn from this and take steps to prevent it from happening again with other medication in the future.” 

Research conducted by ADHD UK has revealed that 44% of people who rely on medication are worried about losing their job, and nearly 40% said that they were having new or increased suicidal thoughts when not being able to take their medication.

Cabinet Member for Tackling Social Inequalities, Councillor Jane Carr, added:

“Not only is the supply issue disrupting children and young people’s education, but it’s also having an impact on the local economy. People are taking time off work, whether its parents to support their children as they manage without medication or working adults struggling with their mental health. All of this is part of a much bigger problem. Medication for diabetes, epilepsy, and menopause symptoms have also been in short supply and it’s turning people’s lives upside down. The Government need to step in before anymore harm is caused to people’s mental and physical health.” 

Tonight, the Lib Dems will propose a motion at Full Council demanding the Government to hold a public inquiry into the shortage of ADHD medication.

If the motion is passed, the Chief Executive of the City Council will write to the DHSC and the city’s MPs to urge the Government to hold a public inquiry.

Residents across the city are also being encouraged to sign the petition by visiting

The motion will go to Full Council tonight, residents can stream the meeting live by visiting 

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