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GreenTech Launch Kiosk in Centre:MK repairing all of your tech goods

Local company GreenTech are expanding after a busy period helping to repair your tech items throughout the pandemic.

After opening their store in Fenny Stratford last year, GreenTech have experienced rapid growth and have now launched a kiosk in TheCentre:MK under their new GreenPROTechT brand, meaning you can drop your tech off for same day/next day repair whilst you enjoy a spot of lunch or complete your shop.

They’re located between H.SAMUEL & EE on Crown Walk.

Throughout the Pandemic, GreenTech offered much support to the local community by selling laptops to those in need for extremely low prices aswell as offering free repairs to families who were struggling to keep up with home-schooling needs.

All repairs are carried out in house, by trained technicians, so you can feel comfortable knowing your machine will come back better than ever. Whether it’s a phone, laptop, tablet, smart watch or computer, the GreenTech team promise to give you the best repair price possible whilst still using original manufacture quality parts & maintaining their high level of customer service.

The company also pride themselves on being as ‘Green’ as they can be, preventing extra landfill waste, by recycling parts and products wherever they can.

The company have just launched a brand new product that is now available to purchase at their kiosk based on Crown Walk on Silbury Boulevard inside TheCentre:MK.

It’s a prevention rather than a cure. A new state of the art nano tech HydroGel Screen protector for your devices that is reportedly far stronger than tempered glass and uses the same glass lamination process as used in high-rise buildings! Also, if you scratch your screen, believe it or not, the screen repairs itself! Yes, that’s right, the screen automatically repairs itself from scratches & marks, so you don’t need to replace the protector anywhere near as often, although in the unlikely event that you do, their lifetime guarantee means that you pay far less when you return.

This new screen protection technology is available for Phones, Tablets, Laptops & Watches (whether its an apple watch or a Rolex) but they tell us that they’ll have a go at anything you ask!

They also have back skins available in a wide range of textures, colours & effects which gives you that ‘new phone feeling’ (We all know how good that feels!)

GreenTech are also offering discounts to MK Community Hub readers so make sure you mention our name when contacting them so that you can make the most of the offers available.

Please feel free to visit the company’s website by clicking here.

Find them on >>> Facebook

Or give them a call direct on 0333 577 0222

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