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Have Your Say On The Police Race Action Plan - Residents Invited To Speak Out!

“For Milton Keynes”, a community organisation based at Milton Keynes Christian Centre in Oldbrook, invites everyone, especially members of Black and Ethnic Minority Communities, to a special event at 3pm this Saturday 18th March.

The Community Partnership & Influencing Event, will give local communities the opportunity to meet their local police teams and influence the Thames Valley Police Race Action Plan.

Fola Komolafe, Director of “For Milton Keynes”, said,

‘Over recent years, Milton Keynes has increased in diversity. There are now 52% of children in schools from ethnically diverse backgrounds. This is brilliant and integral to the vision of Milton Keynes. However, most of these communities don’t get the opportunity to have their voices represented in key decisions being made about them.’

She continued, ‘Inclusion is important for all aspects of society. At this event, we are looking at inclusive policing through partnership. I want everyone in the diverse communities to be represented at an event where we all get the opportunity to influence future outcomes for policing, build trust and, most importantly, make Milton Keynes a safer place for everyone. I know some people may be sceptical. But with greater oversight, accountability and scrutiny, I believe policing can be better because the status quo is not an option.’

For more information and to register for the Community Partnership & Influencing Event, go


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