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Haversham set to adopt neighbourhood plan

Milton Keynes City Council is set to approve a new neighbourhood plan for Haversham-cum-Little Linford, giving greater local influence to residents over future developments.

In July 2023, almost 90% of people who took part in a referendum voted in support of Haversham-cum-Little adopting a neighbourhood plan. MK City Council will formally recognise the outcome of the referendum at a meeting on 22 August and recommend the Plan is adopted in September.

The Haversham-cum-Little Neighbourhood Plan was drawn up by local people and the parish council before it was consulted on with the wider community earlier this year.

Neighbourhood plans are designed to give residents more say on how land is used in their area in the future. There are currently 21 neighbourhood plans within Milton Keynes, with the city council currently working alongside other local communities to bring proposals forward.

“We’re committed to ensuring that local people can shape the future of their communities. Neighbourhood plans are just one of the ways in which we’re doing this and we’ll continue to support local communities to bring proposals forward.” - Leader of MK City Council, Cllr Pete Marland


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