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'Hypocritical' Labour-Lib Dem Council Hikes MK Connect Prices By 10%

The Labour-Lib Dem administration of Milton Keynes City Council have been heavily criticised as ‘hypocrites’ by local Conservatives for increasing the prices of their failing MK Connect service.

The increased MK Connect charges include the price of rides between the newly extended peak hours of 6am-9am and 2pm-5pm rising to £3.85 a journey.

Conservative Councillors have called out the Progressive Alliance, in particular interim Cabinet member for the Public Realm Cllr Paul Trendall, for hiking up the prices of MK Connect service by 10% despite speaking of the need to keep public transport prices low in this cost-of-living crisis and condemning the completion of the successful government imposed £2 bus fare.

Cllr David Hopkins, Group Leader of MK Conservative Group, said: “The council has already diverted £500,000 of local planning gain monies to subsidise the failing MK Connect service. Money that should be used to provide much needed community facilities in our newly developing areas or which could be seed funding new reliable, timetabled bus services in those areas.

"We know many residents in areas furthest from health, shopping and education facilities are struggling to find transport solutions and we would prioritise supporting residents where we can.”

Local Conservatives believe this is just another money grab by the Labour-Lib Dem alliance, who are more than happy to tax residents to the maximum, planned an 11% rent increase on social housing (before being restricted by the Conservative Government) and now they hike up the price of their own public transport service by 10%.

They are using your money to pay for their incompetence. Milton Keynes’ residents deserve better.


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