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Idris Elba Takes A Stand And Urges More Funding For Youth Services

This week well-known actor, Idris Elba called for an immediate ban on machetes and ‘zombie’ knives plus more funding for youth services as part of a campaign to tackle youth knife violence.  

Knife crime is a growing issue for young people and communities with Milton Keynes Police launching its 'Month of Action Against Violence' this January. 

Action4youth has been working with young people and schools to reduce knife crime and anti-social behaviour via The Breakout Programme. The Breakout Programme, endorsed by Thames Valley Police, uses a blend of 1-2-1 mentoring, classroom sessions, and outdoor education at The Caldecotte Xperience to bring positive change to the lives of young people at risk of being involved in crime. 

After the government cuts to youth services, more funding is urgently needed to continue to support young people in Bucks and Milton Keynes and reduce knife crime. 

Programme Director Emily Davis said “Young people need more support. At a critical time in their development, we can change young lives for the better. We are really grateful for the support from local businesses to help make our communities safer.” 

To find out more and to support young people in your local area visit: 

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