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Labour and Lib Dems are forking out another £1 million doing-up Council HQ

Labour and Lib Dems are forking out another £1 million doing-up Council HQ

Costs to refurbish MK Council’s Civic Offices are soaring only two years on from an £11 million renovation to the Council HQ that went £7 million over budget.

Now MK Council’s Labour and Liberal Democrat coalition are forking out another £1 million of taxpayer’s money to do-up the Council’s offices.

This comes at a time where households are being hit with a 3.75% council tax increase, meaning the average household will be paying a bumper £1,900 in council tax.

Local Conservatives are not happy about the Council using taxpayer’s money to embark on another huge refurbishment project given that the most recent renovation saw £315,000 spent on attaching moss to the walls to prove the Council’s green credentials.

They say that at a time where bus services have been slashed and weekly recycling collections are being cut, that residents would prefer their money was spent on services, rather than another Civic Office refurbishment.

Cllr Alex Walker, Leader of the Conservative Group, said:

“It’s only been two years since MK Council completed a renovation that went £7 million over budget and cost taxpayers over £11 million.

And now even with council tax increasing and services being cut, they’ve chosen to splash another million on doing-up Civic Offices. This is a poor use of taxpayer’s money.”


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