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Lakes Estate Regeneration progress update

MK Council’s regeneration proposals for the Lakes Estate have moved a step forward.

Approval has now been granted for a thorough ground investigation to be completed in the Lakes Estate later this year.

The investigation will help establish the ground conditions of development sites and inform the initial designs of new building foundations and sub-substructures.

Alongside this, we’re also in the process of moving all financial contracts from YourMK, which previously managed the regeneration project, to Milton Keynes Council directly. We’ll let you know when this has formally been approved.

As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch via email on

Serpentine Court Steering Group

The next Serpentine Court Steering Group (SCSG) meeting is on Tuesday 6 April at 6.30pm via Microsoft Teams. The meeting is open to everyone to watch. You can view the agenda and minutes of all meetings online here.

If you’d like to join us, please email so we can send you the details.

Lakes Estate Renewal Forum

The Lakes Estate Renewal Forum (LERF) will next meet on Thursday 29 April at 6pm via Zoom. The Forum is made up of residents, the Residents Association, the Town Council, SCSG and others partners like local businesses and schools. The LERF supports residents to engage with the Council to decide on the priorities that need addressing on the estate.

Please email if you’d like to attend this meeting.

Public Realm Consultation

Courtyard A’s

Thanks to residents on Garry Close, Tarbert Close, Menteith Close and Burnmoor Close for their comments and ideas on the draft courtyard plans. MK Council has arranged clean up work to be completed while the plans are revised following feedback. We’ll be speaking to residents about this directly soon.

Courtyard B’s

We’ve also been working on proposals for the four grassed areas of Warren Park, and thanks to those of you who’ve shared comments on the proposals. Feedback will be discussed with the Lakes Estate Renewal Forum and we’ll let you know the next steps soon.

Play Areas

We’re also working with students at Water Hall School and Drayton Park School to help shape plans for new children’s play areas in the Lakes Estate. We’ve asked students to share drawings of what they want to see in future play parks and we’re already seeing some really good ideas. We’ll use the students' drawings to help develop the final plans, which will eventually be displayed in play area locations for local people to view and comment on.

You can see the original plan by clicking here


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