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Leadership announced for Calverton Lane Primary School

Calverton Lane will be the third primary school to open in the Western Expansion Area

Following a highly competitive process with a dozen applications, Denbigh Alliance Multi-Academy Trust has been selected to run a new primary school in Calverton Lane. The new school will be the third new primary school to be opened in the Western Expansion Area of Milton Keynes.

The primary school is expected to open from September 2023 and will cater for up to 630 pupils. The development will include sports facilities with some out of hours community access, plus provision for a 39 place full-time equivalent (FTE) nursery.

MK based Denbigh Alliance Multi Academy Trust already runs the nearby secondary school (Watling Academy) which opened in September 2020 along with Denbigh School, located in Shenley Church End.

Cllr Zoe Nolan, Cabinet Member for Children and Families, said: “We look forward to working with Denbigh Alliance to deliver another outstanding primary school for families living within Fairfields, Whitehouse and the surrounding area. This new school will support projected demand for school places in this fast growing region of Milton Keynes. We want every child in MK to have access to a high quality school place and we’ll continue to invest in our network of local schools.”

Andy Squires, CEO of Denbigh Alliance Trust, said: “Following the successful secondary expansion of the Denbigh Alliance Trust provision at Watling Academy, the addition of a brand-new primary school is a natural and very exciting next step in our growth as a trust. Being able to support the growth and development of students within the Trust through our established vision of Care, Education and Opportunity from pre-school to Post 16 is at the heart of our desire to improve outcomes for the children of Milton Keynes. We look forward to working closely with the Local Authority and the community, we already know through Watling Academy, to bring this latest project to fruition.”

The new school will be funded from a combination of Basic Need Government funding, Section 106 grant funding and council borrowing. The design and planning phase is now underway with construction scheduled to start in spring 2022.

Since 2015, five new schools and 18 school expansion projects have been delivered to support an increase of 4,112 pupils. By 2026, it is expected that the population of Milton Keynes will have risen by 40,000 to almost 300,000. Milton Keynes Council has committed to ensuring there is a good school place ready for every child.


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