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Leap Over To Howe Park Wood For Frog Day

The Parks Trust is organising an event dedicated to celebrating the city’s frogs and everyone’s invited!

Running from 10am until 2pm on Sunday 19th March – the eve of World Frog Day – the event will take place at Howe Park Wood which is home to the much-loved artwork, Frog Band.

Whilst there won’t be any frog kissing in store, there will be plenty of opportunity to show some love for these amazing amphibians that the planet can’t live without.

Visitors will have a chance to learn lots about frogs, toads and other amphibians through games and activities suited to all ages. Experts from the Buckinghamshire Reptile and Amphibian Group, The Wildlife Trust and The Parks Trust will also be on hand to share brilliant tips for making gardens more froggy-friendly.

Commenting on the event, The Parks Trust’s Events Assistant, Libby Goodwin, said, “Frogs are fascinating creatures and a vital part of the city’s biodiversity – they really do deserve their very own day! Sadly, common frogs are in decline, so we hope to inspire local people to help us conserve frog habitats and encourage breeding.

“And remember, the event takes place inside the ancient woodland which can be a bit muddy at this time of year, so don’t wear open-‘toad’ sandals!”.

For full details of Frog Day, visit

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