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Lib Dem Councillor Welcomes “open, transparent and professional” Inquiry into Blakelands Warehouse

Local Councillor Jane Carr has welcomed the news that the Milton Keynes Council Audit Committee has recommended a QC-led inquiry into the warehouse at 1 Yeomans Drive, Blakelands, following her address to the Committee.

The vote was unanimous and cross-party.

The QC will be instructed by the Council’s Monitoring Officer on recommendation from the Royal Institute of Town Planning, ensuring that any such QC is qualified, reliable and capable.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Jane Carr, who represents Newport Pagnell South, said: “I fully support the residents in their call for answers, and as a member of the Progressive Alliance administration I will make sure there is proper funding and support for the independent investigation.”

“It is crucial that any investigation into the Blakelands warehouse issue is open, transparent and professional, and I respect that a QC can deliver this.”

“It is important that the scope and terms of the new investigation are set by the QC and the QC alone.”


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