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Lib Dems call out MK Conservatives for contradicting their own Government’s housing policy

Today, local Lib Dem councillors have called out MK Conservatives for contradicting their own Government’s housing policy by calling plans to build more homes “reckless.”

The City Council plans to build 63,000 homes as part of the next local plan which runs until 2050.

The number of homes due to be built is based on requirements set by the Conservative government to meet the city’s housing needs.

Lib Dem Shadow Cabinet Member for Housing, Councillor Jenni Ferrans, said:

“The fact that the Conservative Group Leader is criticising the City Council’s plans to build 63,000 homes and calling it reckless would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic. Doesn’t she realise it was her own Government who set these targets for the local authority to meet? And has she forgotten that we have nearly 1,000 families in temporary accommodation desperate for homes? The Conservatives are offering no solution to the city’s housing crisis.”

Lib Dem Councillor Paul Trendall, who sits on the City Council’s Planning Cabinet Advisory Group, added:

“House prices across the city are too high and the only thing that will drive housing prices down is if the availability of housing goes up. The Conservatives are denying future generations the chance to get on the housing ladder and forcing them to live elsewhere.”

Councillor Robin Bradburn, Leader of the Opposition, continued:

“Yet again the Tories are trying to mislead residents and considering their track record this doesn’t come as a shock. Since 2021 they have lost 16 councillors and after the recent elections have been reduced to single figures, it’s clear they’re desperate and twisting the truth. The Lib Dems are now the main opposition on the City Council with double the number of seats of the Conservatives, the people of MK can rely on us to be a responsible and constructive opposition.”


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