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Lib Dems Must Now Apologise Says Conservative Cllr Alex Walker

Following the dramatic resignation of Mark Dorfman and the end of his report into the Blakelands Warehouse Saga, pressure is mounting on new Lib Dem Cabinet Members to apologise.

Cllr Alex Walker

On Monday, following the news Lib Dems launched calls for a new investigation, despite repeated attempts over the past 2 years to block such a move.

Deputy Leader of the Council Cllr Robin Bradburn was one of the main antagonists, refusing at Audit meetings to even consider the idea of ending the Dorfman report, rejecting Blakelands residents consistent view that the Dorfman report had lost their trust and any credibility.

Mr Dorfman’s report will signal a change to the future of the Warehouse which will be debated at a special Audit meeting on 6th July. There is now expected to be support for the Conservative calls to start a new external investigation.

Conservative Councillors are now calling on the Lib Dems in Cabinet Cllr Jane Carr and Cllr Robin Bradburn to apologise to residents for their consistent refusal to commission a new investigation, for the unnecessary distress caused and for the huge amount of time and resources that has been spent both by the Blakelands Residents Association and Milton Keynes Council on a report that was always doomed to fail.

Conservative Cllr Alex Walker said:

“We are pleased to finally have the support of Lib Dem and Labour Councillors. I guess it is better extremely late than never.

“But, the truth is they’ve been forced into this by Mr Dorfman’s resignation and their long-held position has been to consistently block our attempts to end the Dorfman report and start a new, external investigation that residents have trust in.

“We could’ve reached this point a year ago if they hadn’t wanted to sweep it all under the carpet. It would therefore, be absolutely right for the Progressive Alliance to apologise for the huge amount of time and resources that has been poured into this work by residents and for the unnecessary distress it has caused.

“I’ve never known such disregard for residents by a Council. It has been a national embarrassment and the alliance are going to have to work hard to restore the damage they’ve caused. Apologising would be a good first step.”


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