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Lib Dems Stand Against “undemocratic” Planning Reforms That Would Take Away Voice of MK Residents

Local Liberal Democrats will next week propose a motion emphasising their belief that planning needs to be community-led.

The motion also asks the Council to note the impact of the government’s proposed planning reforms in a recent Buckinghamshire by-election.

In June, Liberal Democrat candidate Sarah Green won the previously safe Tory seat of Chesham and Amersham with an extraordinary majority of 8,028 – and one of the key issues during the campaign was the government’s planning reform proposals.

Some of the government’s proposed changes include granting automatic rights for developers to build on land identified as ‘for growth’, and removing locally agreed payments from developers that would normally go towards infrastructure.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Sam Crooks said: “The government’s proposals are quite simply a power grab. It would silence the voice of Milton Keynes communities and instead give developers a free for all.”

The Broughton ward councillor concluded: “Voters in Chesham and Amersham clearly want community-led development, but the Tory government’s proposals are undemocratic, unfair and illogical.”


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