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Local Conservatives must call on the PM and Chancellor to resign

Labour Press Release: MK Labour are demanding the leaders of the local Conservative Party call on the Prime Minister and Chancellor to resign after the Metropolitan Police revealed they will issue fixed penalty notices to more than 50 Downing Street staff for lockdown breaches.

Labour Council Leader Pete Marland has said that the position of the Prime Minister, and that of the Chancellor, is now impossible to defend and has said the city’s two Conservative MPs, the Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner and the Conservative Group leader must call on them both to resign.

Councillor Pete Marland said:

“The Prime Minster is now unable to stay in his job. The police have said he broke his own lockdown rules. He has lied and lied again to the country and to parliament about it. The Chancellor must also resign.”

He continued:

“Will local Conservatives say now isn’t the time for a new PM with what is happening in Ukraine? I say that is rubbish because it’s never OK for the PM to break the law then lie. If that is an excuse, would it have been a resigning matter six weeks ago or will it be when the war ends?

“I’m also sure the repugnant Russian media and Putin will use this mess to defend Russia’s illegal and immoral war and as anti-West propaganda. Far from being the wrong time, the war in Ukraine highlights just how important it is that democratic leaders uphold the values of truth and that no one is above the law.”

He concluded:

“The local Conservative leadership must do what is right and call on them to go. How can Iain Stewart serve as a Minister in a government that says one thing and did another? How can the Police and Crime Commissioner defend law breaking when it could have been his force that issued the FPN? Last month Cllr Walker in response to a question at council said he’d wait and see what happened. Does he now think it was OK for the PM to party? The PM must go or be made to go.”

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